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Here at Amber Creative Singapore, we provide one-stop digital marketing services to help businesses gain visibility among the online community in order to generate leads, encourage conversions and give you a competitive edge in an ever-changing digital space. As a digital marketing agency, we enjoy stretching our imaginations by testing out every possibility to evolve your digital strategies and achieve amazing results that match your marketing goals.

Facebook Marketing

More than just likes, engagement and boosting of posts. We build brand awareness, generate qualified leads that convert into sales and improve your social engagement on the largest, most engaged social media platform in the world.

Instagram Marketing

Take your Instagram gaming to the next level. Form a loyal community and following around your brand, generate quality leads and increase social engagement by accurately identifying the right audience for your curated content on Instagram.

Google Ads

Tap on the prowess of Google with Google Ads Marketing. Maximise the effectiveness of your paid advertising on Google by directing organic traffic to your website or the landing pages that contain your relevant and quality content.

LinkedIn Marketing

Market your services to a uniquely focused social network comprised of business professionals. Reach out to a vast network of professionals and get quality leads for your business in one of the best platforms for B2B marketing.

The Digital Marketing Sales Funnel – How does it work?

Amber Creative Singapore introduces the digital marketing sales funnel, a methodical, structured way to view, plan and measure your digital marketing efforts. The sales funnel can be split into 4 primary stages, which are 1. Awareness, 2. Interest, 3. Decision and 4. Action (AIDA).

1. Awareness

During the awareness phase, people start getting aware of your brand and services, either through searching on the internet, seeing an advertisement, browsing through social media and more.

At this point of time, people may have just become aware of a new service that is offered that might solve a problem.

Primary Tools: Content marketing, Social Media, Paid Advertisements, SEO/SEM, Public Relations
Goal: Generating awareness through diverse traffic sources.

2. Interest

After their attention has been captured, the vistors will go through your website and gather more information. They may also be actively looking for solutions to their problems. At this point, it is important for your website to be optimized for conversions.

For example: Offering a free guide/e-book to get your visitors subscribe to your newsletter.

Primary Tools: Landing Pages, E-books, Newsletter, Free Tools, Case Studies, Retargeting
Goal: Capture their interest so they are willing to follow you on social media or join your email list, and turn them into a prospect.

3. Decision

The prospects now are highly interested and deciding whether your products/solutions is the answer to their problem. Browsing through your product/service pages, evaluating different packages and options, FAQs, looking for trust signs and more. Your website should eliminate all purchasing frictions so customers can begin adding the products/services to the cart or provide contact details.

Primary Tools: Sales Pages, Free Consultation, Trust Signs, Promotions, Free Trials, Demos, Email Marketing
Goal: Shift the prospect mindset from “I want this” to “I need this”. They have now become a sales opportunity for you to follow up.

4. Action

The action stage is when the customer takes the action and completes the journey through purchasing or signing a contract. After a purchase, customers can be encouraged and prompted to leave a review, or refer to their network or a future sale.

Primary Tools: Payment System, Shopping Cart, Reviews and Referrals, Limited Trial Period
Goals: Close the opportunity and convert your prospects into clients.

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