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Nanyang International Business College(NIBC)


LinkedIn Marketing

Nanyang International Business College (NIBC) was looking to attract working adults to apply for their part-time MBA programme. They were looking to engage an experienced agency to execute an effective digital marketing campaign to achieve their goals. Main objectives are to encourage potential applicants to sign up for a 1-on-1 consultation and drive applications for the programme.

Services & Tech

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The main challenge was to differentiate NIBC’s MBA programme from local universities which are also offering a suite of post-graduate programs. In addition, the target audience is more niche as the client was only looking for Mandarin-speaking applicants from specific industries. Hence the targeting has to be accurate and the ad creatives and copies had to be attractive and entice people to find out more.

The Digital Strategy

Based on client’s niche target audience and requirements, we proposed to run the campaign on LinkedIn as it is the most suitable platform to drive results. We were able to reach out to relevant audience by targeting specific industries, education level and interests of potential applicants.

Campaign performance was closely monitored as we analyzed the results and identified where users might be falling off from the marketing funnel and optimize the campaign regularly. Our team provided insightful recommendations via heatmap tracking to analyze users’ browsing behaviour and implement these findings to establish a conversion-optimised landing page.

Professional, informative and attractive ads were implemented to drive quality traffic to the landing page. We ran Sponsored ads and InMail ads to drive quality leads, and also Spotlight ads to drive brand awareness.

Throughout the campaign, multiple ad copies with different angles, such as highlighting scholarships, showcasing students’ testimonials, how the MBA program can help propel an individual’s career etc. were also rolled out to optimize performance. We also ran retargeting ads to further drive brand recall and encourage users to take action.

The Results

Through strategic recommendations and campaign optimization, we exceeded the Client’s recruitment target for the campaign and achieved more than 2.22K clicks and 340K impressions.





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