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Ecommerce Web Design & Digital Marketing

Miriqa is a new skin & hair supplement brand, looking to create a premium, sleek and appealing website which can engage users and drive online sales, together with an effective digital marketing strategy. ​

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Brief & Challenge:

Miriqa was looking for a website that will engage the target audience and ultimately drive sales. The key challenge was to create a website that is beautiful and elegant, yet at the same time to also educate users on the Science behind the products through showcasing statistics, infographics and charts in an interesting way. It was also important to establish customers’ trust, especially since it’s a new and upcoming brand.

Colour Scheme



1. Research

2. Wireframe

3. Design

4. Develop

5. Testing

6. Launch

Solution & Outcome

The final website showcases an elegant, stylish and sophisticated design, whilst still making it user-friendly and retaining key information of the supplements. Sleek and luxurious images were used to align with the brand’s premium branding and create a more visually appealing website. A hair and skin quiz was also built on the site as a fun and engaging tool to provide a preliminary indication of the customer’s hair & skin condition. Users’ behavior on the site was also constantly tracked to identify the top actions carried out by users. Such insights allowed us to better optimize our digital sales ads.

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Brief & Challenges

Being a new brand in the competitive hair and skin supplement scene, one key factor for Miriqa would be to build up brand awareness and trust. Miriqa’s target audience are frequent users of social media and online platforms, thus it was necessary to tap on the extensive reach of digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

Conceptualizing & Planning

We started with a meeting with the marketing team to understand more about Miriqa’s products and their goals. They were looking for a marketing solution to bring out their new brand to the forefront of customer’s minds and drive purchases.​​
From their goals, we conceptualized a digital strategy using social media advertising to target interested demographics and paid search to capture interested audiences to the landing pages. Landing pages were crafted to showcase unique points of the products to increase awareness and conversions.

The Digital Strategy

The main objective was to cut across the competition and reach out to people who are looking for hair supplements, positioning Miriqa as a worthy choice to try with genuine reviews and reliability of the product.​​

We focused on Faceboook & Instagram ads as it allowed better definition of audiences by interests, demographics and retargeting for people who have came in contact with Miriqa. After the campaign has ran for a period of time, we also targeted lookalike audiences that were similar to the interests and demographics of customers who bought Miriqa.​​

The 2 pronged-strategy included Google Ads, to reach people who are actively searching for hair supplements and related products.
​​All traffic were channeled to the campaign’s landing page that were captured as warm leads.

Facebook Advertisements

Reaching Desired Audiences

​​Multiple types of ads were formulated to bring out the different attractive factors of Miriqa’s Hair Supplement, that addresses the benefits and pain points of the audiences. Through testing and comparing the effectiveness of carousel, image and various video ads, the cost per conversion was reduced by optimising for the better performing creative for each target audience.

Instagram Marketing

Reaching Desired Audiences

Diverse ads were also created for Instagram marketing, looking to bring out different plus points for Miriqa, and addressing the needs of the targeted audiences. Similarly, we tested the efficiency of different types of ads to optimize for each target audience

The Results


Lower Cost
Per conversion


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