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Website Revamp & Marketing

Juz Interior, a company providing interior design & renovation service, was looking to engage an agency to revamp its website and also provide expertise on an effective digital strategy to generate leads and increase their customer base.

Services & Tech

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • UIUX Design
  • Web Devlopment


Juz Interior approached us to refresh its website design. They wanted their new website to adopt a minimalist, clean and sleek style whilst showcasing images of their interior design projects.​​Since the website is heavily image-focused, the main challenge was to create a web design that reflects a cool and minimalist style as the project images are of different lightings/colours. It was also important to allow homeowners to browse through the projects and designers’ portfolio and generate interest towards the company.


Colour Scheme



1. Research

2. Wireframe

3. Design

4. Develop

5. Testing

6. Launch


Through a detailed UI/UX and creative design process, we designed and developed a user-friendly and visually attractive website that showcases different interior projects, designers’ portfolio. This effectively builds interest and trust towards Juz Interior as customers can know what to expect when they engage Juz Interior’s services.​​We also adopted a cool-tone colour scheme and added a colour filter to all the images to make the site look cohesive and aligned to the desired style. ​​The final website design came out to be what Juz Interior envisioned it to look like and was very well received by the team.


Juz Interior had been running their own marketing campaigns but to little success. Frustrated with the results, Juz Interior decide to get help with digital marketing expertise Amber Creative. The challenges were to seek Juz Interior’s unique points and help them stand out from their competitors, generating leads and maintaining its cost per acquisition within their budget.

Landing Page Design


Our objective was to drive conversions and improve search visibility. Before running the campaign, our team began by creating a high-converting landing page, highlighting Juz Interior’s unique selling points with compelling imagery and copy together with strong call-to-action buttons. In addition to creating a landing page that converts, pointing the ads to the right audiences is an equally important part of the puzzle to generate quality leads. This was done in conjunction with creating Google Search Ads to enable Juz Interior to be visible when people searching for renovations. During the campaign, ad angles were constantly adjusted and new audiences were tested to bring in new customers into the sales funnel.







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