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Website Revamp & Marketing

Glovida started their journey by providing health and beauty products and was looking to revamp their website that can serve both their customers and backend staffs. Glovida was also looking to reach out to new customers, remain visible and stand out in the market with their competitive prices. ​

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Brief & Challenge:

Glovida approached our team with the intention of revamping their website to eventually improve the user-experience and facilitate more conversions. As an ecommerce website that sells carefully curated health and beauty products, Glovida knew that reorganizing their outdated website to give way for a more user-friendly interface is crucial to propelling their business’s success.

Before VS After

Colour Scheme



1. Research

2. Wireframe

3. Design

4. Develop

5. Testing

6. Launch


For this revamp, we made sure to craft a beautiful interface that does not sacrifice the website’s functionality and enhances visitors’ browsing experiences on desktop and mobile. We adjusted the User Interface (UI) to improve their initial outdated design, creating pages that allow for easy reading and viewing of Glovida’s selection.

When we considered the adjustments for Glovida, we made certain that the website design immediately draws a visitor’s gaze into the company’s literal and figurative “selling points”—their quality and affordable products. Once plagued by problems that badger their older website design, Glovida’s website now allows for easier navigation that resulted in better conversions.


Jackie’s team at Amber Creative exceeded my expectations. We had an idea of how Glovida’s website should be like, but the Amber Creative team provided advice that helped us achieve goals beyond creating a beautiful e-commerce site. Armed with a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, Amber Creative was responsive and highlighted many areas that we could improve on. The end result was a stunning, user-friendly website that helped boost Glovida’s sales significantly.


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Established with the desire to be a trusted provider of health and beauty essentials at better prices, prides itself on bringing consistent value and service to its customers with the added convenience of next day home delivery. The online specialty store carries a wide variety of health and beauty supplements, including those that are hard to get or were once only available through clinics.


Having identified a gap in the market, wants to boost its online visibility, drive traffic to its online store and grow its customer base quickly while achieving a positive return-on-investment. Before we came into play, they were not getting much sales from Facebook Advertisements, having spent a good sum on advertising. Furthermore, was interested in rolling out a dedicated referral programme to encourage referral sales.

Conceptualising & Planning’s main objective is to acquire as many new customers as possible in conjunction with its 1-year celebratory site-wide promotion within a short period of 1.5 weeks. We came up with a comprehensive Facebook Advertising strategy to target various audiences ranging from Interests and Demographics to Lookalike Audience and Retargeting. As the products consumed varied from group to group, we made sure to customise the advertising copies and showcased only products that are specific and relevant to each group.

The Digital Strategy

The main objective is to reach online users who are looking for a reliable and convenient way to shop for health and beauty supplements and vitamins along the different stages of the sales funnel. We focused on Facebook Ads as it allows us to define the target audience by interests, demographics and through retargeting to include past web visitors and cart-abandoners. Customised advertising copies with strong call-to-action are paired with carefully put together product catalog and promotional visual to encourage conversion.

Once a customer has made a purchase, referral marketing seamlessly takes over the post-purchase stage. Customers are introduced to the friend referral programme, where both the customer and friends of the customer are incentivised for every first purchase made on

1. Creating Offers Through
Facebook Marketing

2. Driving Traffic
To Website

3. Encouraging
Add To Cart

4. Converting to

5. Triggering Referral Email
To Increase Conversions

Google Advertisements

As an e-commerce store, it is important to be present on Google where customers are searching to buy their health or beauty essentials.

Different placements of Google Ads were suggested – Search ads, shopping ads and display ads, to ensure Glovida’s visibility when people are looking for related health and beauty products.

Keyword research was done for the targeted products and different ad copies were constructed to bring out the unique points of Glovida. Search terms are also frequently monitored and optimised for conversions. With new data, ad copies and landing pages are continually revised and improved.​

Increasing Sales Through Promotional Ads

When running promotions, special ad copies highlighting the current promo were devised. By stressing on scarcity and time urgency in the promotional ad copies, we were able to capture more people to buy from Glovida.

​​Promotional ads also helps Glovida to stand out compared to its competitors, drawing customers to click in and convert with Glovida.​

Facebook Advertisements

Reaching The Desired Audience

We crafted multiple types of Facebook ads (some examples below), highlighted the promotion and tweaked the advertising copies using products that will appeal most to the target audience, hence encouraging them to take action. We also made use of their current mailing list and Lookalike Audience to generate a highly targeted audience of potential visitors and optimised the advertisements for conversion.

Maximising ROI Through Retargeting

Using successful Facebook retargeting, we were able to retarget past web visitors and cart abandoners by creating highly relevant ads with strong call-to-action, thereby increasing engagement and conversions by placing the brand as top of mind. For every dollar spent on advertising, $20.10 in revenue was earned just by retargeting web visitors. Similarly for retargeting cart abandoners, for every dollar spent on advertising, $14.60 was earned in revenue.

Every new customer acquired is automatically enrolled in’s referral programme, where they are given a personalised referral link to share socially with their friends. By giving a strong incentive for the customers and their friends and paying attention to the details in crafting the referral marketing, we are able to get more new users to visit and shop at

Web Visitors

To target potential customers who have browsed the website before, we created ads to showcase’s best sellers using customised product sets while making use of the current promotion to entice shoppers to make the purchase.

Cart Abandoners

An effective way to retarget shoppers to complete the sale is through reminding them of products they have viewed or added to cart previously on Using the storewide promotion and discount code in the ad copies, we were able to capture their attention and ultimately lead to conversion.


The sales funnel does not just end at purchase. By giving value, i.e. referral reward, to existing customers, is able to benefit from referral sales, along with tacit endorsement brought in through social sharing of referral rewards. This also keeps the customers coming back, contributing to more conversions.

The Results







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