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Google Ads

Boost your visibility and capture quality
leads with
Google Search Marketing

Generate Qualified Leads And Increase Sales
For Your Business

Potential customers are always searching for products and services online. Stand out from competitions with the help of Google Ads. With paid advertising, you have a higher chance to reach out to potential customers and in a cost-effective manner (you only pay for clicks!)

Generates High-Quality Leads

Nowadays, when people are searching for a product or service, they simply just do a quick Google search. With an intention of purchasing, they are most likely to convert if what you are willing to offer in your ads matches what they are looking for.

Measurable Results

Google AdWords allows us to track every visitor that visits your website. We are able to identify which ads or keywords are performing better and capitalise on what is working and refine on potential ads.

Pay-Per-Click System

Only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. This allows us to optimize and improve your Google AdWords campaigns, bringing you better results over time.

More Than Text Ads

With Shopping ads along with text ads, your reach with shoppers during a single search could double. With YouTube ads, reach potential customers and have them take action when they watch or search for videos on YouTube..

What We Do – Google Adwords Management

Instead of telling our clients to bid for expensive keywords in order to get a high ad ranking, Amber Creative Singapore is more focused on maximizing the effectiveness of your AdWords advertising campaign by delivering your ads to the relevant traffic and bringing in more conversions at a very low cost.

Our practice to an effective AdWords campaign is not to bid for the most expensive keywords but rather finding the relevant keywords as to what your business has to offer, crafting attractive ads and directing organic traffic to your website/landing pages that contain relevant and quality content. A high ad quality score is the key to having a high ad ranking!

Our Approach

Keyword Planning & Research

Choosing the right keywords for your ads is critical to help structure your PPC campaign and making sure that your ads are reaching the right audience. Depending on your marketing goals, we will be doing a keyword research and come up with a list of relevant and targeted keywords with high search volume to ensure that your campaigns are running effectively.

Attractive Ad Copies That Convert

With limited characters to run your AdWords advertisements, we make sure that your ads capture your audience’s attention and by putting out the most important message out front.

Conversion-Optimised Landing Page

Four landing page is the key factor to convince your customers to convert. Depending on your marketing goals, it can be buying of products to booking an appointment.

We create landing pages that speak directly to what the visitors are looking for that brings in a positive impact (high quality score) on your AdWords campaign, thus improve your ad ranking and ultimately driving in more conversions and lowering conversion costs at the same time.

Monitoring and Optimization

Apart from gaining more traffic to your website, we also aim to help your business generate more of what you need – leads or sales!

We are constantly monitoring your PPC campaign and optimizing them to help you get the most out of your AdWords account!

Let us help you develop the right Google Ad
marketing strategy for your business goals today!


As a new preschool in Singapore, Repton wanted to build up their brand awareness within Singapore, differentiating themselves as a premium preschool with a unique curriculum. Find out how we were able to generate more than 160 quality leads and reduce Cost Per Acquisition by 26%!​

Why Work With Us?

We tailor ads based on your online marketing goals, there is no ‘one size fits all’ ads, which is why we go the extra mile in creating multiple variations that reach out to the right audience. We don’t stop once we’ve reached your goals, as we constantly monitor and optimize your campaigns, helping you to bring in better results.

At Amber Creative Singapore, we aim to make advertising work for you. By identifying the keywords that your customers are most likely to use when searching for products or services, we will then strive to put all the right information in front of them and driving them into action.

Maximize Your Business With Google AdWords Today!

Lousie Grant

Founding Director of Repton Schoolhouse Singapore​

The team at Amber Creative have done a great job handling the design of our website. As a new school, it was important for us to work with a partner who could understand our value, the prestigious heritage of Repton and help us to stand out in this competitive landscape. Throughout our collaboration the staff at Amber have been helpful, responsive and efficient. We really appreciate their patience, creativity and helpfulness!


Director of Glovida​

Jackie’s team at Amber Creative exceeded my expectations. We had an idea of how Glovida’s website should be like, but the Amber Creative team provided advice that helped us achieve goals beyond creating a beautiful e-commerce site. Armed with a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, Amber Creative was responsive and highlighted many areas that we could improve on. The end result was a stunning, user-friendly website that helped boost Glovida’s sales significantly.

Chee Yang Tan

Founder & CEO of Hitcheed & Home by Hitcheed​

In my line of work, I need to have a proven agency that not only delivers results quickly, with very good knowledge and provides value beyond basic accountability. Jackie and her team have fulfilled our requirements and set themselves apart from some of the other agencies we explored before. I would recommend her to anyone who needs agency driven to your company’s goal in digital marketing ROI.​

Rachel Ooi

Digital Marketing Professional, MindChamps Singapore

Amber Creative is led by a creative and business-centric mind, and a true dynamic leader that is Jackie Yeo! We chose to work with her agency longterm because the proof is in the pudding - our campaigns together resulted in a whopping 71% improvement in cost per acquisition! Jackie’s team is highly adaptable and big on customer service. Definitely a keeper for the long haul.

Ronald Wan

Senior Manager, Digital Communications, Ngee Ann Polytechnic​

Working with Amber Creative has been enriching over the past 5 months. They have demonstrated a clear understanding of social media, what works and what doesn’t. The content created by the agency was great, especially the videos on Instagram. The videos were creative and engaging, which received good feedback from students and staff. Our communication with Amber was awesome. Alexa and Cheryl have been very responsive, and explained their strategies very well. Thanks!

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