Google My Business: Is It Worth It?

July 6, 2020

Google My Business (GMB) is Google’s free tool that allows local businesses to appear on the Google search engine. A study on its effectiveness found that 5% of Google My business Listing views will result in a favourable customer action, specifically website clicks, calls, or direction requests. You’ve probably heard about this already; some of you may already have an existing account! But for those who need a quick rundown of GMB’s benefits, then this list is for you!

Smaller, local businesses find it difficult to compete with bigger brands online. Google My Business offers them a chance to increase their digital visibility and reach. On top of their own digital marketing strategies, local brands are also utilising the Google My Business listing to gain more footing on digital. So, while this tool is made for big and small businesses alike, it’s especially helpful in getting recognition for smaller brands.

This list breaks down some of the benefits of a Google My Business listing for those still toying with the idea and want to know what’s in it for them. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

A Google My Business listing is a good trust indicator and improves visitors’ first impression of your brand.

Everything you put online helps visitors decide whether to engage with your brand or not. And as a brand, of course, you’re concerned with making sales and revenue. For people transacting online, however, the concern is with making sure that they purchase from reputable sources. So the photos, videos, and product or service information—everything you put on your profile—are crucial tidbits that inspire customer loyalty and trust within or outside your community.

A listing on Google My Business aids the decision-making process of your users. The more you put in the effort to look legitimate and reputable, the greater chance you have of being trusted. What’s good with a Google My Business listing is that it gives moderators full control over what they release. So, make sure you use the listing as a chance to showcase your business’s good qualities. Let it be an opportunity to establish yourself as a credible, more appealing choice than your closest competitors!

It gives your brand better web visibility.

This portion’s better explained with a primer on Local SEO (as all of GMB, really). However, since that’s a topic for another day, allow me to explain it briefly: Local SEO means optimising your website to rank better for your local audience. It basically gives you the ability to tap into the location feature of Google, appear on Maps, and even make it into Google’s “Local 3-pack“ at the same time your local searchers are inputting their searches.

Say customers are looking for pet groomers near them. Pet groomers who have a Google My Business listing will automatically appear as relevant locations on the Local 3-pack.

Sample Local 3-Pack Result of Local Pet Groomers

Because it provides a snapshot of relevant information including business hours, complete addresses, contact details, and reviewer ratings, it becomes easier for local searchers to locate a business. There’s also a clear illustration of their business address when users navigate towards Maps (or when they click More Places). Finally, and most importantly, it has a link that redirects prospects to your website. This gives them more chances to observe your business better and helps gain traffic for your website.

It lets people or visitors book your brand or make appointments.

A Google My Business listing is also great for businesses that take appointments or bookings. Since the contact information’s already posted on the listing, booking an appointment becomes a piece of cake! The information on the Local 3-pack is convenient for people who wish to get things done pronto.

Just a word of warning though, remember to keep your profile updated. Check your listing’s information regularly. As much as you have control over the information you list and actions you do with a Google My Business profile, people can (and most times, do) suggest an edit. So, to make sure that nasty competitors or unruly spammers don’t muddy your profile (and send out misleading information to searchers—yikes!), you must update your information regularly. Here’s a more in-depth take on suggested edits that you can check out to know how this works.

It allows you to engage reviewers by turning reviews into a conversation.

No matter how sophisticated advertising can be, nothing still beats the influence of a positive word of mouth! On digital, visitors refer to reviews when deciding on something. They need claims and confirmation from those who’ve already used the product or service.

Since visitors can post business reviews on your Google My Business listing, these reviews become crucial to others’ decision-making process. It’s like an additional channel of social media listening that connects you to your customers. You could respond to them in order to foster a more genial, two-way conversation. It’s a window for extending your gratitude over to those who give your business stellar reviews. Finally, Google My Business offers you a chance to talk with more disappointed reviewers, which can then help address their concerns better.

A Google My Business Listing is an important aspect of Local SEO.

Google My Business is a crucial aspect of Local SEO. It fosters trust among people, gives brands better web visibility, lets people book easily, and gives businesses the chance to converse with their customers.

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