7 Youtube Video Ideas for Brands

July 12, 2021

People are drawn to videos. We love watching videos so much that SEMRush reports a staggering 1.86B users on Youtube—the biggest video-streaming platform in the world today—just in 2021, a year that hasn’t even ended yet! You can’t deny the popularity of videos and only have to look at other social media platforms who didn’t use to have videos in them but are rolling out their video features to join in the hype.

The popularity of videos has soared and it’s not tapering off any time soon. It is now considered by many as a powerful tool, that while mainly used for entertainment purposes, videos are now also utilised for marketing or advertising.

The same SEMRush report also says that 18% of people check Youtube to follow brands and companies, so if you haven’t looked into the platform’s potential yet, then now might be a good time to do so.

To inspire you, here are 7 Youtube video ideas that you can explore with your brand!

Youtube Video Ideas for Brands

  1. Product or Service Demo Videos
  2. Testimonial or Customer Stories Videos
  3. Introduction to Business or Organisation Videos
  4. Product or Service Announcement Videos
  5. Tips & Advice Videos
  6. “How-to” or Tutorial Videos
  7. Interview Videos

Product or Service Demo Videos


If you’re offering a product or a service that is novel to people, you might want to produce a demo video so it’d be easier to understand. People love learning about things they’re interested to buy or avail, so ultimately, a great demo video could assist in and shorten their buying decision.

Demo videos show how products or services are supposed to work. The primary purpose of demo videos is not necessarily to sell but to showcase specific features and steps as well as simplify things about a service or a product that are otherwise hard to comprehend.

Take Kew Organics for example who, with the help of Amber Creative’s marketing team, was able to give a clear walkthrough of their bespoke Organic Hydra Deluxe Facial.

Testimonial or Customer Stories Videos


One of the reasons why videos are a complete winning tool is because it is able to rapidly convey emotions and trigger necessary reactions from viewers in the way text can’t automatically do. And one’s emotional response to a certain product strongly influences their decision to buy and patronise it.

Testimonials work the same way reviews do; it gives customers and prospects an idea about how your previous clients feel about you. Organic testimonials influence consumer decisions as well as raise a brand or organisation’s credibility.

Imagine just basically letting your customers do the selling and advertising for you. This is exactly what Primus School did when it sat down the parents themselves for a short testimonial interview about why they chose the school for their kids.

Introduction to Business or Organisation Videos


Videos that show the humble beginnings of a brand or organisation are inspiring and people love to get inspired. People are drawn to videos that allow them to sympathise. Aside from showcasing the strengths of your brand, introduction videos that delve into a brand’s history can humanise you and better connect you with your target audience.

But introduction videos don’t just help build and spread brand awareness; additionally, these can also draw the attention to your team, who’re basically the face of your brand; the “real” people they’d potentially connect with.

Primus School, back when it was still Repton Schoolhouse, also did this in 2018 when they published a video that talks about the salient framework of the school, discussed by none other than its principal:

Product or Service Announcement Videos


Another great video content you can explore, especially if you’re launching a new product or service, is an announcement video. Announcement videos can hype the product and give your prospects an idea about what to expect with the new release.

Announcement videos effectively generate buzz about the new product, especially if you release it on the right social media platforms.

Tips & Advice Videos


Tips and advice videos aim to solve and improve consumers’ lives. Let’s say you do creative work for brands, then it may be good to produce videos where you demo how to create a poster for an event. By doing this, you would have managed to produce content that is very useful to your target customers.

Publishing tips or advice videos are also a great way of showing your prospects exactly what you’re capable of; it shows them how good you are at what you do. And people like knowing that they’re putting their money into brands and organisations that walk the talk.

The important thing to remember for tips and advice videos is that it has to revolve around what would be useful for your audience and then make sure they get important takeaways after watching it.

“How-to” or Tutorial Videos


This is probably what you’re most familiar with on this list. From cooking tutorials to making diy furniture we’ve all, at one point, probably looked up a how-to video on the internet. And our number just keeps on growing every year.

Google reports that how-to videos are the “second most-watched content on Youtube” (second to music videos). Just like tips and advice videos, how-tos or tutorials aim to offer something useful for the audience. It demonstrates and breaks down to more digestible bits an otherwise complicated process.

So say for instance you sell furniture, then a room makeover could be good how-to content. You not only get to feature your products, but it’s also useful to people. It’d generate buzz around your content and brand, which could potentially lead to sales.

Interview Videos


Interview videos are a great type of Youtube video ideas for brands because it is able to both inspire and inform. This type of video gives you an opportunity to raise your credibility as you explore a topic that adds value to your audience.

And we don’t just mean the conventional interview videos where you sit down and talk with an expert within your niche industry. We also mean webinars, which have risen in popularity because of the pandemic. Webinars can be uploaded as content on your social media platform, especially Youtube. You can prompt and raise audience response by holding a question and answer portion. This makes the experience richer and fuller, not just for you but for the audience as well.

Want more? Get tips and other video types here: Video Marketing Content: Tips and Types

Youtube videos as a source of great, organic traffic

The way people consume content has evolved drastically over the years. Instead of just watching from TVs, majority are also now lurking in video streaming platforms, primarily Youtube.

Although popular, the reality is that it is not easy to create video content. It could get jarring, especially if you hit a content plateau. Aside from the challenge brought on by coming up with fresh Youtube video ideas, you’re also faced with the fact that some types may not work for your industry.

So, you need a reliable social media marketing team with a robust video content strategy in place to help you! Talk to our team today and start exploring the potential of Youtube videos for your brand!

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