The Speed Of Your Website May Be Affecting You

On the internet, even a one-second delay can cause your page views to drop substantially. In fact, page speed is so important now that users are becoming increasingly demanding and have a shorter attention span. A rule of thumb is that your page should load within 2 seconds.

What can happen in just one second?

11% Lesser Page Views

16% Lower Customer Satisfaction

7% Loss in Conversion

Besides that, an extremely slow website will reduce the chance of customers ever coming back again. An extremely slow website is akin to a buggy website.

What We Can Do

Fortunately, there are ways to fix the issues and at Amber Creative, we focus on optimising WordPress run websites. In many instances, slow speed is caused by poorly coded themes or plugins. We know which are the top grade plugins and themes so you will not have this issue. There are also other techniques that can improve speed, including caching, content delivery network (cdn), minification, smushing images, and more.

One of our client’s sites improved dramatically from 60 seconds to 36 seconds and then to 3 seconds with our optimization techniques.

Struggling with a slow site? Let us help you turbocharge it!

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