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See What’s Happening: Adobe Just Bought Figma for $20B

November 03, 2022

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It has been roughly two months since design software giant Adobe buys Figma for a whopping $20B. With valid arguments made by those ‘for’ as well as ‘against’ the acquisition, many are left wondering about the creative community’s general consensus about this merger (spoiler alert: so far, there just isn’t any). This ultimately begs the question: “How will this acquisition ultimately affect designers using (and loving) the interface design platform?”

In his address, CEO and co-founder Dylan Field repeated that Figma was borne out of his and co-founder Evan Wallace’s desire to “make design accessible to all—designers of all ages, geographies, and levels of experience.” He used this as a jump-off point to tie in the announcement about Figma’s merger with Adobe, which according to him, will greatly contribute to Figma’s overall growth.

Field emphasized Adobe’s technology, expertise, as well as the design giant’s repository of resources as primary motivating factors that led to this partnership.

While it may be too early to say what this acquisition means for actual users of the platform, Field clues us in on what might be happening operationally, emphasising that the partnership will benefit not only the Figma platform but also the users.

Both Field and the Adobe newsletter mentioned that Figma will still be operating “autonomously”; this means that the entire Figma team will continue reporting to Field who will remain as Figma’s CEO. Field, however, will report to Adobe President David Wadhwani.

Field did admit that they’re still trying to figure out how to overcome “tricky” design decisions that came with this acquisition, especially since Figma has Figma Design and FigJam to think about. One specific issue they want to overcome is tool integration, and they’re torn about creating a new tool versus using one already in existence. He, however, mentioned that both companies have a few “fun ideas” to address this.

On the user end, the biggest question is related to the pricing. Adobe is known for its suite of tools and resources—and the fact that it lies on the more expensive end of creative solutions found online. Many users have already aired out their concerns about this but Field, however, has mentioned there are no current plans to implement price changes to Figma’s packages (at least, not for now).

To recap, here’s a rundown of some things we know about the merger:

  • Adobe bought Figma for $20B (in cash and stock) in September 2022
  • Figma will operate autonomously with Field as its CEO
  • Field will report to Adobe President David Wadhwani
  • No price changes to Figma’s current pricing

*(Read Field’s address about the acquisition *here and the Adobe announcement newsletter here)

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