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Break Through The Noise & Generate

Qualified Leads That Convert

Get your business found with the most powerful paid advertising platform today!

Do you have a website but struggle to generate qualified leads or more sales for your business?


Potential customers are always searching for products and services online but with tons of competitors out there, your business may be buried among the rest.

However, by using paid advertisements with the most commonly used search engine today, it allows your business to be easily seen by potential customers and prospects online.


3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google AdWords

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Be at the Top of Google Search

Nowadays, when people are searching for a product or service, they simply just do a quick Google search. With Adwords, you will be able to sit on the top few searches, where potential customers are more likely to click on it and providing you with leads.

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You Only Pay For Clicks


Google AdWords is a Pay Per Click system, which means that you only pay when a user clicks on your ad and is directed to your website or landing page.

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Measurable Results


For every dollar you spend on AdWords campaign, you are able to measure the results, for example how many people viewed your ads as well as conversions. This way we are able to identify the success of your campaigns and optimize them to bring in better results.

AdWords On Steroids | The Process


Anyone can get your ads to be placed on the top search results simply by bidding on the most expensive keywords. However AdWords is WAY more than just being a top bidder, should your ad be ranked higher or lower than your competitors, is determined by the ad’s quality.

Most agencies out there are always telling their clients to bid for expensive keywords in order to get a high ad ranking, however, this often causes businesses to overspend and bringing in results that are lower than what is expected. A strong AdWords campaign should be able to bring you a high conversion rate at a low cost and this can be done with the right practices.

Keyword Planning

Choosing keywords for your ads is critical as they reflect on your business, product or services that you are selling to potential customers and prospects.


Ad Copies That Convert

In Google AdWords, there is limited space to create your ads. With these limitations, it is important to craft your ad copies that are attractive enough for prospects to click on.

Landing Pages

Your landing page is the key factor for convincing your customers to convert, be it buying your products or booking an appointment, depending on your conversion goals.

Creating landing pages that speak directly to the user’s searches will have a positive impact (high relevancy) on your AdWords account, thus helping you to drive in more conversions and lower your conversion costs as well


Conversion Rate Optimization

Apart from gaining more traffic to your website, we also aim to help your business generate more of what you need – leads or sales!

From A/B testing of your landing pages to optimizing your PPC campaigns, we are constantly making sure that you are getting the most out of your AdWords account.

Why Work With Us?

We tailor ads based on your online marketing goals, there is no ‘one size fits all’ ads, which is why we go the extra mile in creating multiple variations that reach out to the right audience.

We don’t stop once we’ve reached your goals, as we are constantly monitoring and optimizing your campaigns and helping you to bring in better results.

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Worried about how to maintain your AdWords campaigns? Just leave it to us!

At Amber Creative, we aim to make advertising work for you. By identifying the keywords that your customers are most likely to use when searching for products or services, we will then strive to put all the right information in front of them and driving them into action.

Maximize Your Business With Google AdWords Today!


Our Happy Customers include:

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With Google Adwords 

We helped Jan experience:

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Jan Mascarina

Digital Marketing Specialist, Asiasoft Corporation

  • Cost per conversion decreased by 85%

  • Conversion rate increased by 200%

Through Google AdWords, we managed to bring in good ROI with a specific budget set. We came up with different ad groups and relevant keywords, directing prospects to the landing page for downloads.

We also created multiple compelling ad copies that falls in line with the content in the landing page and were able to outrank our competitors with our ads thus helping us to increase the number of conversions and exceeding our client’s expectations.

 Let’s get started!


Interested in knowing how Google AdWords can help you in your business? Contact our friendly marketing team now and we will get back to you shortly!


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