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Generating 3X Leads For LCMS Traders

About The Client

LCMS Traders is a Singapore-based Forex Training Academy delivering comprehensive Forex trading courses to develop students in becoming professional proprietary traders.

The Challenge

LCMS came to us with a clear objective to generate qualified leads for their growing forex trading company. They were using Facebook Advertisements as a form of lead generation but were not seeing good results, they also did not have a strong strategy to engage with users.

LCMS Case Study Seminar


Digital Marketing Strategy

Develop a robust digital marketing strategy to convert traffic, capturing qualified leads at every section of each sales funnel.

Branding and Image

Enhance brand capital with a professional structure and design

Web Design For Conversions

Create an engaging and user-friendly website for a frictionless experience and improve conversions


Facebook Management

Facebook Advertisements

Social Media Listening

Google Adwords

Email Marketing

Landing Pages

Web Design

Video Production

Conceptualizing and Planning

We started off with a consultation session with the management of LCMS to understand their current marketing efforts, their business objectives and the results they are currently getting.

We came up with a comprehensive digital strategy for them that started from social media advertising to target the demographic they desired, a professional corporate video to enhance their image, content marketing to their audience to showcase their decades of experience and landing pages to increase their customer conversions and enquiries.

Conceptualizing and Planning

3X More Leads Generated Over 20 Days, Exceeding KPIs

Building a Successful Digital Campaign With Customer Personas

To effectively reach out to the desired demographic, the Amber Creative team began a customer persona discovery process.

We sat in LCMS’s full courses and promotional courses to fully understand the material and more importantly interact face to face and interview the participants and clients seated in the room.

This process alone allowed us to isolate the clientele into two different groups. We gleamed invaluable information from this study which included the push-pull factors for them to take action, the sales language that is to be used in the digital marketing and web copywriting and most importantly the potential objections that had to be addressed in the website and landing pages to turn them from casual observers into qualified leads.

Jackie is a pleasure to work with and gave us many excellent ideas on the methods to achieve our goals. Jackie and her team are very proactive throughout the process of both conceptualising the strategies and executing them.

Alvan Sue Director, LCMS Traders Pte Ltd

The Digital Strategy

The main aim is to cost effectively gather an audience and convert them by both targeted and persuasive landing pages and content in the website and email reminders.

To reach to LCMS’s demographic, we decided to focus on Facebook social ads and Google Adwords that brings in a good ROI for the marketing budget set. The traffic is then channelled to landing pages that qualifies and captures them as warm leads and enquiries. Sign-ups are then constantly engaged with our email marketing campaign further raising conversions.

Generate Traffic Through Facebook, Adwords & Content Marketing

Landing Pages & Website To Persuade and Convince


Lead Capture Elements to Generate Qualified Leads

Engaging and Increasing Conversions via Email Marketing

Interested To Find Out More About Our Digital Marketing?

Lead Capture Elements

Converting Clicks Into Leads

The lead capture elements we decided on were to primarily get the core information such as email, phone number as well as letting the prospect make a commitment by selecting a seminar date.

Besides placing on landing pages, it was essential for lead capture elements to assist in conversions from organic searches, content marketing and other sources as well.

In the redesign of the website, we had to strategically place the lead capture elements so that it wasn’t obstructive and allowed navigation to be intuitive and smooth.


Lead Capture Elements

Landing Pages

Converting Clicks Into Leads

To effectively target the two distinct customer personas, two landing pages were crafted to cater to the buying psychology of each group.

While the landing pages sell the same course, each design, layout and sales copy is very targeted and specific in its messaging. We tested extensively with titles, pictures, length of content, tone of voice and more.

We found that a personal voice tends to convert better.

LCMS Case Study Landing Pages

Facebook Advertisements

Reaching The Desired Audience

We crafted multiple customised Facebook ads, each ad relates a personal story or situation that connects on an emotional level to get the readers interested, excited and most important take action to discover more.

We made use of their current list to generate a highly targeted audience with the Lookalike Audience of potential customers and optimized the advertisements for conversion.


Bringing It All Together

With a Professional Looking Website

We designed LCMS’s corporate website with it being the company’s online headquarters with all the essential professional information while keeping the layout modern and easy to navigate. It is also designed to convert students with lots of content and strategically placed Call to Actions.


Increase In Conversion Rates


Growth In Newsletter


Lower Cost Per Click

Creative Video Production

A Professional Touch

From conceptualizing to storyboarding, filming and editing of the video, we created a professional piece that helps elevate the LCMS brand as well as showcase segments of the full seminar to give audiences a taste of whats to come by signing up.

Teaser Video For LCMS Traders

We are proud to showcase a teaser video we recently did for our client. We worked through conceptualisation, storyboard down to the actual filming and editing. At this moment we are working on distribution to ensure maximum impact of this clip through the website, social media and more. If you are interested to know what we can do for your to increase your profile and professional image, talk to us now!

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Jackie is driven to create success not only for her firm but clients like myself. Through her digital marketing plans and executions, we are able to hit our KPIs in terms of getting quality leads and look to more exciting work from her.

Jindao Tai Managing Director, LCMS Traders Pte Ltd

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