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Hitcheed distinguish themselves from the rest with their all-in-one free online wedding portal where users can discover wedding inspirations, check out wedding professionals’ past projects and reviews and even get free and personalised recommendations from their wedding advisors when couples hit the rut in sourcing for the perfect vendors to make their envisioned wedding come true.



Hitcheed wanted to quickly boost their online presence and increase the number of app users to fill up the recommendation forms at a low cost per acquisition. In the past, they had been running app install campaigns and boosting their online presence through post boost simultaneously on both Facebook and AdWords. Hitcheed may have raised brand awareness but they did not get good results for app installs/users. We believe that the reason for low user rate is because of the lack of education on how to use the portal.


Facebook Advertising Strategy

Develop a strategised digital marketing campaign to convert traffic into quality users (engaged couples who are getting married)

Email Marketing

Guiding users from the start till the end of the marketing funnel by creating an email journey introducing Hitcheed and providing incentives as well as wedding-inspired articles where they will ultimately use the free recommendation service. Sending e-vites to current mailing list for wedding related events that Hitcheed will be hosting.

Web & Application Design

To develop a smooth user flow and user interface when first-time visitors visit the portal through application or website as they might not understand how to use it


Hitcheed’s main objective is to acquire as many new app installs and users among engaged couples where they can discover and connect with their preferred wedding vendors all in one place within the application or portal.

We came up with a comprehensive Facebook and AdWords advertising strategy targeting different groups of audiences based on their demographics and interests, retargeting and lookalikes based on Hitcheed’s past customer lists. By focusing our ads on these ad sets, we are able to reach out to relevant users who have a higher chance of converting.

We also assisted Hitcheed in providing promotional and contest ideas to generate awareness and new users to the Hitcheed portal or application. We used attractive images and promotional/contest highlights on Facebook ads as well as attention-grabbing copy on AdWords ads that leads visitors to the landing page as the final step of the conversion funnel.


The main objective is to attract engaged/soon-to-wed couples who are looking for a more convenient way to find and connect with wedding professionals. We split our marketing efforts between Facebook and AdWords to maximise our reach via these 2 platforms. Through Facebook ads, we defined different sets of audiences based on interests in various wedding services, demographics, retargeting and lookalike. For AdWords, we defined our ad groups based on the different types of wedding services Hitcheed offers in their platform. Ad copies are created in different variations paired together with visually attractive images to encourage conversions.


A. Creating Attractive Incentives And Contests Through Facebook & AdWords Advertising


B. Driving Traffic To Landing Page


C. Encourage Visitors To Convert As Users Of Hitcheed



Maximise Reach to Desired Audience

We crafted multiple ad variations on Facebook (some examples below), we highlighted the incentives (instant cash rebates) with visually attractive images from various wedding professionals in order to appeal to our target audience and encourage them to take action (download the app and sign up as a user).

We also made use of current mailing list to create lookalike audiences to attract potential users and optimise the advertisements for conversions along with Facebook ad copies mentioning about how users can use Hitcheed to discover wedding professionals and connect with them, etc.

This guides the users along as they explore the app where they might ultimately convert as a long time user.



Our objective is to get users to download the app and using it to get recommendations of wedding professionals by offering attractive incentives (cash rebates when they after connecting with their preferred wedding professional)

In order to achieve our objective, we crafted different variations of landing pages. One that highlights the incentives and the other to educate users on how to use the platform/app as we believe that by educating visitors on using the platform with attractive images of wedding pictures will ease them into conversion.


Growth In Mailing List
Increase in Users in 2 months

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