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Sugar K, a sister brand of Kew Organics, caters to younger customers and people who wish to undergo effective but quick facials. They approached the Amber Creative team intent on highlighting the power of their medi-aesthetics technology on social media through a combination of digital marketing strategies. This meant showcasing their exceptional facial treatments to encourage more booking appointments on the website and increase leads.

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Sugar K mostly targets the younger audience of facial enthusiasts. They are interested in attracting a younger demographic and driving more leads on their website and social media assets. In addition, the brand is also intent on promoting not only their novel facial treatments and services but also the convenience of their quick facials. With little knowledge about how digital marketing works, they found it difficult to hook their desired demographic. And that’s where the Amber Creative team comes in.

Conceptualising & Planning

We met with Sugar K to get a better understanding of what’s being done to promote their services online and then spot gaps that we can address with digital marketing. Overall, Sugar K needed a marketing solution that can help boost sales leads and then build a robust online presence.

The digital strategy we came up with involved social media advertising that would be appealing to younger audiences—their main demographic target. To drive more traffic to their website and encourage more appointment bookings, we also decided to create a landing page video from scratch. The video included the development of storyboards, filming on site and video editing.

The Digital Strategy

As a sister company of Kew Organics, Sugar K intends to also position itself as a premium organic skincare brand that targets not only a younger demographic, but also those looking for quick facial treatments. The videos we produced highlighted the ease and convenience of each Sugar K session and brought their services closer to new and returning web visitors. Facebook ads allowed the Amber Creative team to define and segregate the target audience, as well as pinpoint lookalike users who share characteristics with their existing clients and then capture them as warm leads.

Generate Traffic Through
Facebook Marketing

Landing Page To Attract
& Convert

Facebook Advertisements

Reaching The Desired Audience

Our team compared static images and video ads to see what would perform better in reaching Sugar K’s target cohort and demographic. By optimising these contents, we were able to reduce the cost per conversion on Facebook. On Instagram, we leveraged Stories as well as Sugar K’s feed to maximise the value of conversions.

Landing Page

Converting Clicks Into Leads That Matter

The landing page created for Sugar K embodied a simplistic yet stylish design that sought to entice more appointment bookings. Each graphic were complemented with impactful copy to facilitate favourable responses from the audience. Call-to-action buttons were also strategically placed on the landing page to encourage both new and returning visitors to finalise their bookings.

The Results






We started by creating a storyboard that properly sequences the facial treatments. The challenge, however, was in finding a good way to consistently engage the viewers from beginning until end; this meant editing the video and trimming it without cutting out the important steps to be highlighted, so people could properly visualise and buy into the whole treatment.


Working closely with Sugar K, we came up with a high-converting video for their landing page as well as their social media accounts. We channelled the best features of their signature treatments with a digestible video that showed viewers exactly what results to expect from a facial session.

Each clip was designed to get viewers directly to the point—that there’s an unmatched ease and comfort in getting a Sugar K facial treatment. Viewers were able to get a clearer understanding of what to expect from their own sessions, leading to an impressive boost in appointment bookings on Sugar K’s landing page and social media assets.


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