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SPD was seeking to revamp their online store selling handmade stationery and gifts by talented persons with disabilities. They were looking to refresh the design, improve user experience, drive online sales and boost organic search rankings. ​

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Brief & Challenge:

SPD’s initial e-commerce site had an outdated and unattractive design hence online sales volume was low and the site experienced high bounce rates and low engagement.

The challenge was to design an attractive, user-friendly and intuitive e-commerce site, whilst also showcasing the brand story and stories about the craftsmen behind the meaningful, handmade products.

Colour Scheme



1. Research

2. Wireframe

3. Design

4. Develop

5. Testing

6. Launch

Solution & Outcome

For the revamp, we designed a contemporary, sleek, minimalistic website, whilst making it much more user-friendly and easy to navigate through different collections.

We ensured that the website design was eye-catching and showcased the products’ key selling points — handmade products crafted by talented persons with disabilities at affordable prices.

The new website led to an increase in product sales, even without running any paid advertisements. It was also engaging for users as seen from the long session duration (more than 3 minutes) and low bounce rate (below 30%).

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Brief & Challenge:

Struggling to gain organic traffic to their site, SPD started to look for ways to increase the traffic and decided to reach out to an agency to embark on Search Engine Optimisation efforts for their site. ​​We started by doing analysis and audit on the site to identify the portions that needed optimisations. Research is also done on the audience and industry to form a good SEO strategy.​

Solution & Outcome:

After doing in-depth keyword research and SEO stategy, we had worked to optimise the site and individual pages through On-Page and Technical SEO. SPD’s site saw an increase in 2X organic impressions and 26% increase in clicks and bounce rate had increased by >30%.

The Results


Increase in
organic traffic


Increase in
organic clicks



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