St Francis Methodist School(SFMS)


Web Design & Development

SFMS was seeking for an experienced agency to revamp its website and also restructure the backend to make it easier to update the content.

Services & Tech

  • UIUX Design
  • Web Devlopment

Brief & Challenge:

Due to key issues with SFMS’ previous website such as the outdated and unattractive design, wordy content and difficulties in updating the site on the backend, the Client was looking to revamp its website.

The key challenge was to create a website that is professional and attractive, whilst making it user-friendly, with well-designed navigation and clear information about SFMS’ courses and curriculum​ – to encourage parents and potential students to enquire more information and apply for SFMS.

Before VS After

Colour Scheme



1. Research

2. Wireframe

3. Design

4. Develop

5. Testing

6. Launch


The final outcome was a visually appealing website which features more attractive images of students and teachers, as well as animated elements to make the website more interactive and less static.

An academic pathway was designed and created to allow parents and students to better visualise the different academic options available at the school. We also restructured the backend to allow easier updating of website content.

The new website was a great success as it saw more than 50% increase in pageviews and more than 70% increase in number of sessions.

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