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Premier Elements

Website Design



Premier Elements is a three-year old business that never had a website before meeting us. Convinced by the new demands of the digital age, the client engaged our website design & development services to reposition their business into one that will appeal to the new generation. Being a distributor of high-end built-in appliances, it was critical for Premier Elements to create a modern, luxurious feel that represented their brand and attracted their target audience.




While designing the website, we took special care to create a sense of opulence and a seamless user experience. Beautiful, large images were strategically placed to create a spacious, luxurious feel. A clean, white background was chosen for their product pages to allow their variety of appliances to stand out. The site layout was specifically designed to resemble a high-end brochure for easy reading and navigation. Moreover, this made it convenient for their partners to quickly refer to their products. Last but not least, their website was mobile-optimised to serve users of this generation and beyond.

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