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PiO is a newly start-up business which develops hand-held screen-free smart toys for kids. The PiO system comprises of the interactive device PiO One for kids, an App PiO Home APP for parents, and a cloud platform PiO Cloud for sharing.

PiO was looking to engage a digital agency to design & develop an efficient, informative and attractive-looking E-commerce website to facilitate online sales, build stronger brand awareness and educate parents on the benefits of screen-free smart toys for their children.

Services & Tech

  • E-commerce Web Design
  • Shopify Development
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration


PiO was looking for a powerful and functional E-commerce site that incorporates the key E-commerce functions, product catalogues, translation options and also showcase their unique brand story. The key challenge was to create an effective E-commerce site that allows upselling and cross-selling of products as well as a smooth buying process for customers from browsing of products, add to cart, to checking out and making payment. As a new brand, it was also important for PiO to build a stronger brand awareness amongst the public and media​.


The outer space design concept behind the website was inspired by the PiO One kidge, which looks like a UFO. It was also to bring across what the interactive device represents – the aim to bring kids to a whole wide world of auditory possibilities through learning & playing different audio toys & products. The PiO puppy mascot was also inspired by the branding and logo.


Colour Scheme



1. Research

2. Wireframe

3. Design

4. Develop

5. Testing

6. Launch


With a brand new creative concept and thorough research, we designed and developed a website that was closely related to the PiO branding, with the necessary E-commerce functions built in – such as product catalogue, customer reviews, user account creation, payment gateway setup, multi-language and multi-currency. Keeping its main target audience and brand story in mind, we created a website that showcases a futuristic and vibrant style, whilst still making it user-friendly. The website performed well as it received positive feedback from the team.

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