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Pho Street aims to introduce and ignite the vibrant Vietnamese food culture in Singapore with their authentic Vietnamese street delights and dishes. Already a household name in the Singaporean food scene, they deem it appropriate to onboard a team of social media experts that can further help them increase customer engagement on their social media assets, specifically Facebook and Instagram.

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Pho Street onboarded Amber Creative with the intention of increasing the engagement on their brand’s social media pages and generating interest in and around their menu as well as seasonal offerings. For Pho Street, the main challenge is in maintaining the strength of their online presence with social media content in two of the biggest social media platforms—Facebook and Instagram.

Conceptualising & Planning

The main objective of Pho Street is to generate more post engagements for their content and establish a visual identity on social media that properly highlights their products. It is also important for Pho Street to differentiate itself from competitors and position the brand as one of the top choices for Vietnamese dining.

So, our team decided to helm a content mix. We found that the best way to increase post engagements is to commit to a combination of social media content that not only informs but also excites. For Pho Street, this consisted of crafting effective Facebook giveaways to increase the exposure of certain menu offerings, drive more traffic to the page and achieve sales boost. Additionally, we assisted the Pho Street team in the production of short videos.

Finally, we paired all these with consistent, high-converting and well-organised content calendar to effectively replicate favourable results for their brand every month.

Facebook Advertisements

Reaching The Desired Audience

On Facebook, we ran a content-mix which includes static posts, carousel ads and illustrated video posts. Giveaways, which are proven to be effective in encouraging engagement, were also released occasionally. We also banked on the visual appeal of our content to drive more interest to the products as well as the page itself. Finally, we released carousel ads to show food product variety and improve conversions and sales.

Each menu is made even more palatable with appealing visual designs and captions that sparked the audience’s interest in the food offerings by Pho Street, steering them from the pages and translating this interest to more offline sales. What all these has achieved was an impressive 9x more post engagement for Pho Street.

The Results




While our team ran a combination of social media content to achieve remarkable results for Pho Street, we also did an intensive review of their market, which revealed that interactive content such as short video clips work best in generating the type of engagement they’re looking for. We came up with video storylines closely related to their product offerings and brand story. This can help Pho Street differentiate itself from other restaurants and produce ‘fresh’ social content that engages the audience.



Knowing this, we assisted the Pho Street team in the production of short videos. This included the production of storyboards to highlight the ease of ordering from Pho Street through on-demand food delivery service providers. The clips showed compelling imagery and animated designs that are easy on the eye. Entertaining video contests that engage their audiences better and increase fan reach were also created. All these ultimately gave consumers and the audience a good reason to come back to the Pho Street page for more.


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