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Panduit is a global industral electrical and network infrastructure company that provides smart, scalable and efficient connectivity solutions. There were looking for a company specializing in B2B marketing for campaigns targeting local as well as overseas markets to raise awareness for their products globally.​​

Hence, they approached us to conceptualize targeted awareness building strategies aiming to let more companies know and consider their products.​

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Panduit consistently strives to be the industry leader and global distributor. One of which is by bringing in new product ranges. Being in a niche industrial landscape, it is important to build awareness of the brand, and be present online whenever someone is searching for the product. ​

Panduit would also like to position themselves as an industry leader and differentiate themselves from other competitors. As the nature of their target audience requires more information and a steeper decision-making process before purchasing for industrial products, having an online presence and tapping into the potential of Google Ads is essential. ​

Conceptualising & Planning

Conceptualising began with meeting Panduit’s marketing team to understand their goals. They were looking to raise brand awareness for some products that they were a longstanding player for, and also some new products that they wanted to break in a new field. ​

With their various goals in mind, we crafted a digital strategy for them that encompasses the use of pin-point targeted keywords for quality traffic to their site. ​

The Digital Strategy

The main objective is to stand out from competitive industrial markets and reach people who are looking for the services Panduit provides. ​​We focused Google Ads as it allows us to target very specifically on what people are searching for. Specific, useful advice was also given for the landing pages for it to be clear and concise, that is highly relevant and retains attention.​

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Reaching Niche Audiences

With targeted keywords for industrial products, multiple copies are crafted, highlighting the unique features of Panduit’s products. Search terms are frequently monitored and optimised for quality traffic.​ Ad copies and landing pages are also constantly enhanced and revised.​





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