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Lou Yau is committed to bringing flavourful Malaysian staples to the palates of people in Singapore. They want this authenticity to be felt by their followers on social media, so it creates a ripple that translates beyond social. For this reason, they tapped the Amber Creative team to create a series of content that specifically encourages more engagement for the brand and pool conversation into their menu and various food items.

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The key challenge for our team was in finding the best way to showcase Lou Yau’s menu and create buzz around it. While follower growth is an important aspect, Lou Yau wanted the Amber Creative team to maximise the potential of social media to increase engagement on their content. This meant creating the right combination of creative content mix, guided by a social media content calendar that centrally plans and oversees consistent content creation.

Conceptualising & Planning

With their main objective in mind, our team decided that the best way to generate engagement on their social media content is to highlight both the restaurant’s specialty line up as well as their menu favourites. Finally, we made sure to distribute their content on the right platforms - Facebook and Instagram - where most of their target audience are on.

We then crafted an effective social media content strategy that consists of curated content, filled with useful dish information that Lou Yau’s audience would find real value in. This content mix included promotions, giveaways, product rollouts as well as exciting company or menu updates to keep the audience properly engaged.

And of course, to effectively replicate favourable results every month, we made sure to lay out this content and design a content calendar that guides content production.


The Malaysian food scene is as decorated as their culture, so as an ode to this, the Amber Creative team, together with Lou Yau, came up with the Malaysian Food Adventure Campaign. This series of short video clips is produced and designed to highlight the multi-ethnic food choices in Malaysia and introduce Lou Yau’s Singaporean audience to dishes they can try at the restaurant.

  Kuala Lumpur


The Malaysian Food Adventure campaign focused on three major local cuisine points and specialties; each short clip placed the spotlight on novelty dishes from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Malacca. The overall animated designs and colour scheme reflected the spirit of palatable Malaysian dishes. It is vibrant and enticing, without diluting the flavourful punch of each dish.

Another sure-fire strategy for steering the conversation into Lou Yau’s content is through running giveaways on Facebook. Already visually stimulating, our short videos, GIFs and static images also added an enticing flare to the content we publish on the Lou Yau Facebook and Instagram page, which helped generate buzz and interest around their menu.

Facebook carousel ads, a multi-faceted approach to content marketing, was also utilised to include more product details in each post as well as combine different content formats into a single ad unit. The carousel ads were effective in driving conversions.

What this content mix brought forth is a remarkable 400% increase in Lou Yau’s post engagements.



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