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Kew Organics is a beauty facial bar that offers bespoke organic facial treatments that transform and address an array of skin issues. They use medi-aesthetics technology and the power of nature to deliver naturally beautiful skin to their clients. As a brand working for an industry that uses novel skin treatment technology, they wanted to demonstrate to prospects exactly what a Kew Organics process and journey would look like and then encourage them to book appointments through their website and social media assets.

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  • Marketing Strategy
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • Landing Page
  • Creative Work
  • Video Art Direction & Production








Kew Organics aims to promote its facial services more effectively by reaching out to greater audience via Facebook advertisements. With limited digital marketing knowledge and expertise, generating leads on their own has been a challenging feat for the company.

Conceptualising & Planning

We started with a meeting with the marketing team to understand what was currently done to promote their facial services and the key issues they have encountered with. They were looking for a marketing solution that would generate more leads and establish greater online presence for them.

With that in mind, we came up with a digital strategy for them that uses social media advertising to target the demographics and locations they desired. A landing page was also designed to increase customer conversion.

In addition, we assisted the client in producing videos from scratch. The video productions included the development of storyboards that highlight the key benefits of their respective facial packages, on-site filming and editing of the videos. The videos were used to promote their packages via Facebook advertisements.

The Digital Strategy

The main objective is to position Kew Organics as a premium organic skincare brand and reach out to people who are interested to try out their facial services by enjoying a promotional price as a first-time customer. The videos produced bring out the exceptional facial services provided by Kew Organics by highlighting various unique selling points of the brand. We focused on Facebook Ads as it allowed us to define the target audience by interests, demographics, locations and through retargeting to include past web visitors. By using Kew Organic’s existing customer list, we were also able to target lookalike audience who are similar to the interests and demographics of their existing clients. All traffic were channelled to the campaign’s landing page that qualified and captured them as warm leads.

Generate Traffic Through
Facebook Marketing

Landing Page To Attract
& Convert

Facebook Advertisements

Reaching The Desired Audience

We crafted multiple types of Facebook ads, highlighted the promotion, benefits and pain points of the target audience. By comparing the effectiveness between an image and video ad, we were also able to reduce the cost per conversion by optimising for the better performing creative within each target audience. We also leveraged on Instagram feed and stories to maximise the conversions.

Landing Page

Converting Clicks Into Leads That Matter

Using a classy, simple and chic design and strategically placed call-to-action buttons, we ensured that our landing page embodies Kew Organic’s values while optimising the page for conversions.

The Results






We decided that the best way to encourage and drive more leads for appointment bookings is by letting prospects step into the shoes of Kew Organics customers. We achieved this by producing a landing page video, one that details the facial process and the ease of undergoing a treatment with Kew Organics. But while videos are effective, the challenge would be to create something that wouldn’t bore viewers—but also wouldn’t trim the important facial steps that need to be highlighted.


To address this challenge, we worked closely with the Kew Organics team and took note of everything they wanted to highlight in the video. Then, we came up with attractive video copies to keep the viewers engaged, shot the video content in various angles and then trimmed it so it’s short but still hard-hitting. Then finally, we ran video ads on social media to promote Kew Organics’ services.

The videos worked very well after it was added to the landing page. It led to an increase in sales leads as users were able to properly grasp the facial experience and see the results of each Kew Organics session.


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