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6 Ways to Reach Your Desired Audience with Facebook Ads

There is huge power in Facebook Ads if you learn how to do targeting well to reach your desired audience.

Today’s post is on the 6 ways to reach your desired audience with Facebook Ads.

Method #1: Facebook Life Events Targeting

This first method is to plan, create and build your Facebook advertising strategy around the life events of your prospects. Facebook has a “Timeline feature” that allows Facebook users to document significant events to them. As a business, it is possible to make use of Facebook Insights to analyze the demographics of your Facebook page.
Narrow the demographics based on age, location, interests, needs and language.  For instance, if a user were to declare “just graduated” as a Life Event, then a blogshop that sells work of office clothes can target this user with Facebook ads.
Be sure to also make active use of the Facebook’s Audience Insights tool.

Method #2: Copywriting that gets your audience on an emotional level, so that they will take action.

In the digital world, “true influence” is not just about what you see or listen to.

True influence can be defined by how you make people feel. If you apply this concept to digital marketing, true influence can then be defined as the identification of your clients’ pain points and then offering creative and effective solutions to solve them.

For that end, you will need effective copywriting that relates to people on an intimate level.We refer to our recent case study of CMS Traders. If you take a close look at our copywriting, you will realise that it is written to make prospects feel that the boss is an expert whom they can trust and is approachable. The use of stories can put your readers at ease because they know you have experience dealing with such cases prior.

In your Facebook advertisements, make use of effective copywriting to tell a story. The idea is to connect with the audiences in an emotional level so that they can then follow the call-to-action to discover more.

Method #3: Facebook “recent purchase” targeting

The Facebook “recent purchase” targetting is an incredibly powerful tool for marketing products and sales. This tool allows the digital marketer to access what people have already purchased online via Facebook, not necessarily from your brand.

Under Power Editor or the ad create tool, go to “Behaviors”, and click “browse”. Then click on the “purchase behavior” category. It is also possible to get information from “buyer’s profile”.

The benefit of doing Facebook “recent purchase” targeting is that these group of people already have a tendency to purchase things. If you sell similar, if not more attractive and useful products or services than what they currently buy, then it is likely that they will buy your product or service as well.

Method #4: Facebook custom audience

In this method, the digital marketer uploads a database of emails for Facebook to match them with active Facebook users.

The digital marketer can then actively plan advertisements that target this precise group of audiences, which speak directly to them. This is much better than trying to target a broader audience.

For this method however, it is necessary to get the right email address that your client uses on Facebook.

Method #5: Facebook Lookalike Audience

The Facebook Lookalike Audience is an option on Facebook that allows you to reach new prospects because their digital footprints show that they are similar to your existing (paying) customers.

It is possible to target Lookalike Audiences based on a variety of sources, especially people who are at the top of your sales funnel. These are the people who have expressed interest in your product or service but have not bought anything.

There are various ways you can consider to use Facebook Lookalike Audience.

For example, you can take your custom audience as a reference point and then target advertisements to people who are similar to this database. It is also possible to create a lookalike audience from the people who are following your current Facebook Page.

One limitation to the Facebook Lookalike Audience option is that it can only be used for one country at a time. However, if the size of the Lookalike Audience generated is large enough, this will not be a concern.

Method #6: Facebook Layered Targeting Options

Do you know that Facebook Ads can even be targeted towards particular audiences to such detail that they might start to wonder if they are being stalked?

Some digital marketers do this via the Facebook Layered Targeting options. Basically using Facebook Layered Targeting Options empower the marketer to narrow his target group down to people who have very precise characteristics.

Therefore, before doing layered targeting, ensure that you have a few well thought-out buyer personas.

Niche-to-one marketing as such is of course controversial. Facebook limits layer targeting to a mimimum of 20 people targeted. For B2B contexts however, it is effective, because your brand reaches out to the right decision maker directly on both an emotional and practical level. With such precision, it is important to give the prospect some space to make them think that he is not being stalked or monitored!

We hope you have enjoyed the six tips in this post. Have a good weekend ahead.

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